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A card game about survival and volatile friendships! Unique Mechanics, Highly Strategic and Highly socializing. Board Royale is a survival card game that combines Battle Royale mechanics with the social dynamics of board games. You will gather resources, craft items and use them against your friends to eliminate them and be the last survivor. When it comes to your own survival, you need to think out of the box, make deals and collaborations, lobby against each other, betray your friends to survive! The game has many different mechanics that can be combined with each other. It contains resource and risk management. It can be a game that puts friendships to the test :)

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Survival Edition! Tin box!
21 days ago – Wed, May 06, 2020 at 11:17:50 PM

Hey there mighty survivors,

We have received our Survival Edition Tin Box and honestly, it looks gorgeous. Here are some photos; 

One happy family
The embossment is very hard to capture with photo, but looks and feels great

We know that many of you are trying to decide on whether to move forward with the tin box or change it to the regular box and we hope these photos help you decide on that. For the creator team, we are in love with both of these and can’t really recommend one over another. 

You can let us know about your requests by sending an email to and we will update your order.

Collector’s Edition will be produced in Turkey. We will be sharing the photos of it as well as we move forward with its production. 

Let us know what you think and join us on discord if you have any further questions.


Arvis Team

Pre-Production Unboxing
about 1 month ago – Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 11:39:27 AM

Hey there mighty survivors,

As we announced on the last update, we have received our packs in the beginning of last week and prepared an unboxing video for you! Thanks for holding up with us and hope you like it! Here it goes;

We are not sure if the compression made by Kickstarter will show the quality but wanted to add some close-up photos; 

We are going to have some minor changes on some colors and the mechanism of the tray but overall the quality is very satisfactory. We will approve these changes by video calls and will not wait for to receive the items since this crisis extends the delivery dates way too much than it supposed to.

Anyway let us what you think and as all the youtube channels say; don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up!


The State of Our Production
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 03:21:27 PM

Hey there mighty survivors,

We hope all of you are well and safe.

If you have followed our journey closely, we had to move our production from Turkey to China and caught up in the middle of the Chinese Lunar Year and Coronavirus Shutdowns. In the previous updates, we have informed you that we were hoping to start production at the beginning of March and start deliveries in May. We were very excited to show you some samples by now, and give you the exact production and delivery dates, however, we have encountered some production and logistical issues and we didn’t want to wait to inform you about what is happening on the manufacturing side.

What's Happening?

Our early March production estimations had to be postponed by a couple of weeks as our manufacturer was not fully operational until Mid-March. Since then, we have been working with them day by day and we were ready for production since towards the end of March.

The first step is to go through a sampling and approval process in order to start the mass production and we insisted to have the end product and not the samples digitally printed so that we can be assured with the quality. This meant preparing the patterns and cuts for all products which increased the sampling time but on the other hand would shorten the mass production time.

Since then we have encountered 2 problems;

  1. Even though the majority of our product samples were ready and shipped to us last week for our final approval, we will not be receiving the items until next Monday. We have learned that there are major delays on shipment deliveries due to the cancellation of flights caused by the global pandemic and the prioritization of the medical supplies. Because of this delay in the shipments, we are still unable to approve the mass production of the goods and share with you the products that we are very excited of.
  2. The second issue came for the tin box manufacturer. They let us know that the mold that was supposed to be used for our product is broken and they have to make a new one which will add the production time 2 more weeks. We have researched other tin box manufacturers to see if there is any other manufacturer that has similar-sized molds but couldn’t find any. This is why we agreed to move forward with the initial producer and we had to agree to the delay.

What’s next?

We hope to receive the most of the final product samples on the 20th of April and we will be sharing the products with you. In the meantime, the Tin Box will be ready and shipped for approval. We will be keeping you updated about the process and show you the samples as we move on.

If all goes smoothly, the production will be completed by the 20th of May.

Delivery Estimates

We really didn't want to make any delivery estimations until we enter mass production however we think you have the right to know what the new estimated timeline looks like as of now. Please take these with a grain of salt since we can’t make any certain promises due to the unprecedented times we are going and can face unforeseen issues.

The first ones to receive the packs will be our backers in Asia and Australia towards the end of May/Early June.

Our North America backers will receive the packs around the end of June.

And lastly, European backers will receive at the beginning of July. 

We will be giving more accurate estimations as we go through the production.

We are aware that many of you may have changed addresses or will do later, thus we will be opening the surveys next month and let you change your info until we start delivering. If you want to reach us for any inquiry, please email us on or send a direct message on Kickstarter. 

Message From The Team

We are truly sorry that the production timeline hasn’t been going as we hoped to be and apologize for the delays. Our design team has done an amazing job to create incredible looking cards and boxes and we couldn't be more excited to share them with you in this update, but we didn’t want to make you wait to learn about the issues we are facing.

Together with you, we have created something amazing and we can’t wait to introduce it to the world, but these unprecedented times bring extraordinary conditions and we are learning to adapt to it.

Hopefully, in the next week’s update, we will give you the production photos and a more accurate estimation of the delivery dates for different regions.

Please keep in mind that we are a community-oriented company and we listen to your feedback and contributions. If there is anything we can do better for you please let us know.

Thank you for your support and patience,

Arvis Games Inc.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Print and Play Board Royale!
2 months ago – Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 04:10:53 AM

Hello mighty survivors,

We wished the term “Survivors” would just be used for our game. But our world is going through some intense times these days and we are hoping that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. 

 On our side, we have been implementing remote work for our team for the last week. On the manufacturing side, thanks to the decreased number of cases in China we are able to go forward with our production. We really wished these unfortunate incidents did not cause any delay on our deliveries. Yet, we are also grateful that it didn’t stop our production all together.

In these hard times, it is vital for all of us to stay home and slow down the contagion of this virus. We really wanted you and your friends to be able to play Board Royale by now, especially under these isolation days.

So, we have decided to make it happen!

We have created a "Print at Home" version of Board Royale - The Island - Base Game to help you spend a great time with your loved ones and make your self-isolation days a little bit easier.

We used minimalist icons and black and white templates to make it look cool regardless of the capability of your printers in your homes. 

So if you are looking for other ways for entertainment and can’t wait to start playing Board Royale, just print it out and start enjoying your ultimate survival experience. 

Click to Download

Feel free to share it with anyone you want, make copies and give it to your friends and neighbors.

#PlayintheTimeofCorona #StayHomeSurviveTogether #BoardRoyale

Stay Safe,

Arvis Team

Last days to fill your shipping surveys! Check your emails for BackerKit.
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 05, 2020 at 08:11:51 PM

Hello mighty survivors!

Huge shout out to 85% of you that completed the survey right after we send it out. For the remaining 15%, please check your emails to complete your shipping surveys so that we can make necessary logistics planning. 

You are receiving emails from our pledge manager; BackerKit. Please check your spam box as well. Also please, be sure that you are checking the e-mail that is related to your Kickstarter account.

If you haven’t received your survey do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will send a link to complete your surveys. Or you can write down your Kickstarter e-mail to this link and get your survey:

The new survey deadline is on the 10th of March.


Arvis Games Inc.