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A card game about survival and volatile friendships! Unique Mechanics, Highly Strategic and Highly socializing. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED! IMPORTANT: We are searching for possibly cheaper solutions that can bring down the shipping price so our negotiations are ongoing with the shipping/fulfillment companies. We promise to bring you the cheapest solution. The shipping costs will be charged after the negotiations are over!

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The Layout, Manufacturing Timeline, Expansion Insights, Shipping Updates and Livestream.
17 days ago – Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 02:36:03 AM

Hello fellow survivors,

This will be a long update so buckle up.

The Card Layout

First of all, we want to start with a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your incredible participation in our last update and taking a vital role in the development of Board Royale. Over 1600 of you have answered the questionnaire and we are humbled and honored by such an involved community like you. The winner of the survey is the Hybrid Layout with indicators with 85% of the votes. Below you can find the progression of our card layout and the final result. In addition, we want to especially thank our backer Kepp for the amazing suggestions for the layout!

Expected Delay

Let’s start with some unfortunate news that we want to inform you about.

Our initial plan was to produce Board Royale in Turkey because of the production speed and shipping being significantly faster. However, along the way, we encountered some issues and had to move our production to China and thus our delivery time will, unfortunately, be delayed.


  1. As we unlocked so many stretch goals along with our campaign our boxes had to be bigger than we had initially planned. This is not an issue for the regular box however the survival edition tin box creates an issue. Our Turkish suppliers can’t customize these boxes and we can't comply with the minimum order quantities.
  2. We changed our cards from regular cards to poker size. Our Turkish supplier informed us that they don’t have an assembly line that can automate our production. This means the packaging of cards and boxes might be done manually. That increases the chance of making mistakes and possible quality reductions in the delivery.

Being aware of these potential deal-breaker issues in Turkey, we have been searching for many different suppliers all around the world like Europe, Canada, and China to have a back-up plan in case we don’t find other suppliers in Turkey that fits our needs. We have collected many samples from different manufacturers and compared them with each other. Along the way, we have decided that the best option was the China option, thanks to their high experience in board game production, high quality and most importantly their openness to customizations. We have secured early manufacturing dates in order to not shift our delivery dates in case we can’t find a solution in Turkey.

Updated Timeline

We came to a point where we had to go with the China option in order to deliver the exact product that we promised. We worked really hard to finish the entire game design earlier than scheduled however we couldn’t get in before Chinese/Lunar New Year which postponed our manufacturing plans by weeks. Furthermore, there has been a government-mandated shutdown of factories until the 9th of February. Considering the production samples and approval times we have agreed to start manufacturing on the 20th of February. The deadline for the production is the 20th of March and will be shipped to the warehouses with which we made agreements.

The first backers to receive their packs will be from Asia and Australia, then the US Backers and finally the EU and the rest of the world.

The Coronavirus

We are following the outbreak very closely and getting constant updates from our manufacturer. In any case of an extended lockdown and or health threats, we will be moving our production to our other options. We hope that, regardless of our production, people in China or anyone in other countries will not suffer more from this outbreak and wishing that it ends soon.

Time for Good News!

To make it up to you for the delay, we have unlocked the last stretch goal. And already prepared it for production. The base game, NSFW, Military, Skills and Disaster expansions get +10 cards. Last totals; The Base game 220 Cards (140 Resources, 80 Items), NSFW 60 Cards, Skills 56 Cards, Military 80 Cards, Disaster 60 cards, and KS exclusive 60 cards. Total of 536 Cards.

Let's get excited! A sneak peak to our new cards in expansion packs!

We want to share with you some of our expansion cards. We think that they look absolutely stunning and we are proud of our art and game design team. 

Fulfillment deal, Surveys & Shipping!

We are thrilled to let you know that we have finalized our shipping deals. It was incredibly challenging as we had to go through a whole new sets of tariffs, trade war issues, and VAT registrations in a bunch of countries and finding the most suitable fulfillment partners was quite challenging. We have gone through all these difficulties because we wanted to give you the smoothest shipping experience with no additional cost and to establish a permanent presence in the reflective country. Unlike many other crowdfunding campaigns, we will be paying not only the customs duties but also the local sales taxes in order to comply with every local authority as we look at this project a long term opportunity.

And we are happy to let you know that even though the costs have dramatically exceeded our initial expectations. We have decided to take the huge majority of the burden and not charge you any more than we promised in the campaign. Furthermore, we are very close to adding the following countries to our customs friendly shipping: China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam!

We are currently preparing the shipping survey and will be sending it out as soon as we complete it. You will be able to add new add-ons, fill out your shipping and contact information and make the shipping payment.

Live Stream

We are also planning a Live Stream tomorrow the 1st of February 2020.

10:00 AM PST - 01:00 PM EST - 06:00 PM GMT

Our Game Designers Atakan and Tuna will answer your questions in Live Stream and share all the experience through this incredible journey!

Follow this link to Tuna's Twitch Channel and see you there! 

Come join us and shoot them with your questions! We believe they will survive this live stream :)


Iconography / Layouts Questionnaire
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 02:07:07 AM

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Game Design Complete! Surveys are not sent out!
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 02:32:23 AM

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Essen Spiel '19 Hall 5, Booth number 5N114!
4 months ago – Sun, Oct 27, 2019 at 02:54:20 AM

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late update, we were really swamped throughout last week! As we mentioned on the previous update, we are attending Essen Spiel '19 and we would be super happy to meet you, play Board Royale together and receive your feedbacks! So many of you guys have already came and we had a blast! Please keep in mind, since we applied for attending very late we are not on the map or on the list of Spiel's printed lists so you need to find our booth by its number Hall 5 Booth 5N114! Essen Spiel kept our island secret :) 

Also, we have a couple of Beta Test Packs we will be giving out today. If you want to become on of our testers and help us improve Board Royale, stop by to our booth after 6 pm!


And one final suggestion! If you like FRP and interested in DnD, we just backed fellow creators of Corpus Malicious!  The project looks amazing and a new evils on the way! Just click the link and begin your journey! Prepare your dices!

Last call to get full rewards on Board Royale! Late-Pledge
4 months ago – Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 11:31:59 PM

Hello everyone!

Our late-pledges are now open on BackerKit! Normally late pledges don't include any of the Kickstarter exclusives but we have received so many reports about our backers having payment issues on Kickstarter and many followers just missing the campaign deadline by hours that we decided we had to do something about it.

This is why for all purchases made in the next 48 hours, we will treat them as if they were made during our Kickstarter campaign and we will be including all the exclusives. So if you had an issue with your payment on Kickstarter or just missed our campaign for some reason follow the link below (Or click the button) and make your pledge.  

Please keep in mind that we still have ongoing shipping negotiations! We wish to make a deal with fulfillment companies on such terms as to incur the lowest possible cost for our backers. When the shipping is all set we will send out a survey for shipping addresses and shipping payments.

Also, we can’t believe the level of participation we got on our Discord server! Almost 400 of you joined our server and this to us is awesome. We are on the way to create a game that has one of the biggest community contributions on its development. Thank you for taking an active role!

If you haven’t received your discord access link for some reason reach out to us we will send it again.

Instagram/Twitter @boardroyale

Facebook /Boardroyale

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